Lois Klassen is a Vancouver-based artist and writer. She hosts two on-going art projects that involve the collective production of textiles: Comforter Art Action and Slofemists (in collaboration with Lori Weidenhammer).

News - "We Spoke Again: Dialogue in Display," The Word Hoard, 2015, Vol 1, Issue 4, Article 7, is here - http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/wordhoard/vol1/iss4/

News - "I want to hold on to those things," blog post for Re-create Media Art Histories Conference is here - http://www.hexagram.ca/re-create-2015/blog/blog/2015/11/06/i-want-to-hold-on-to-those-things/ and "It is time to call out for a review," is here - http://www.hexagram.ca/re-create-2015/blog/conference/novembre-7/

News - "Arriving at Nowhere: Reflecting on Chris Kraus's Radical Localism," Fillip 20, is available here - http://fillip.ca/content/arriving-at-nowhere-reflecting-on-chris-krauss-radical-localism.

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